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2CO doesn’t take my credit card

2CO (or 2Checkout) doesn’t take my credit card, I don’t think they take Japanese credit cards. When I put my visa card number in there I get:

Authorization Failed – Invalid Credit Card Number

That credit card works everywhere else for me. I was even able to sign up for celphone service with it in Canada.

Anyway, it’s a huge inconvenience, because I owe this guy in the Ukraine some money, and that’s the only way I can pay him….

A little later on…

2Co has this interesting “Live Chat” system… but too bad they’re not interested in customer service:




Navittime telling me to drive up the stairs



Imaginary Railcrossing

元イギリスで、アメリカでリメイクされたコメディドラマThe Officeにシーズン4に面白い話があるんだけど、馬鹿の社長のマイケルがカーナビの右折という間違った誘導(本当は斜め右だったけど)により、湖に突っ込んじゃう。超受ける。


Adsense WordPress Templates by Dosh Dosh

WordPress like all popular CMSs out there, have to be updated regularly, just to prevent them from being hacked. The problem is when you have modules, static elements and theme customizations, no matter how easy WordPress makes the upgrade, these are always a hassle.

I noticed that I wasn’t making any money on Adsense from this site, and then noticed the Google Ads were gone.. Ah!!! I thought, I lost my ads during the last WordPress upgrade. I never was satisfied with my job in inserting them into the default theme. I thought there had to be a better solution so when I Googled, I found this site:

I downloaded their these, replace their google_ad_client number with mine (so I get the revenue from licks on my site, not them). This theme has ads everywhere… oh well, hopefully it’ll cover the hosting costs for this site, and maybe the soy-chai latte I drink at Starbucks while writing this 😉

Facebook status shows wrong Day

My facebook status shows that I went to the beech on Friday, when in fact it was Saturday. Albeit early, we went to the beach on Sat AM early (will post pics on Facebook soon), but Saturday Japan time. 5 minutes of Googling (and 2 minutes of browsing Facebook settings) hasn’t produced any Answers (Yahoo Answers came close), but obviously somethings wrong with that…


あす、横浜のちょっと遠いところに行く事になってるけど、ルート履歴が見つからない。。。Navitimeの馬鹿やろう (笑)。


Aさん) 神奈川県横浜市栄区のななり1-13-19
Bさん) のななりはどうやって書くんですか?
Aさん) 野原の「野」に数字の7の漢字にパリの「り」の漢字(か、なんか馬鹿な説明) 
Bさん) あ、了解しました。野七里ですね。ありがとうございます。

それでカーナビや携帯ナビがないとまたさらに説明が長くなるしね。。。 このウェブログを書き終わったら、電話しっちゃおう。。

Ajax search not working on new-facebook

I was trying to write two friends a message on facebook, but the Ajax search was not working. Luckily when I switched back to old facebook it worked… phew!!! look at me blogging about facebook…

When I just tried publishing this I got:
Wordbook failed to communicate with Facebook for Ajax search not working on new-facebook: method = feed.publishTemplatizedAction, error_code = 100 (). Your blog is OK, but Facebook didn't get the update.
I wonder if the new facebook is to blame…