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Connect with people you know on LinkedIn? Try not to SPAM everyone and their cat!

The other day I logged into Linkedin and found myself on a screen like this:

Connect with people you know on LinkedIn

So I clicked on Deselect All, then selected two people and clicked Add Connection (2), but nothing happened.

So I clicked on it again a few times frustrated that Chrome had obviously frozen up when suddenly it started to move again and I found that not only had I Added Two Connections, but I had also inadvertently clicked a button in exact same location on the next page without even getting a chance to read what it said. ┬áThen I started getting all these new connections. But I also got apologetic emails from people who I know in a non-professional capacity saying “Thanks for your invitation, but I don’t use Linkedin” etc.

I also got a personal message from the CTO at work which was nice, but I cannot help feeling a little dread at all the baseball moms and soccer dads, extended family and wife’s friends who I spammed by mistake.

Apologies if you got a message like this:


Nik Edmiidz – Collaboration Architect at Medidata Solutions


Linkedin, please rethink your design a little! (both in the heaviness of Javascript but also the positions of buttons on the pages)!