2CO doesn’t take my credit card

2CO (or 2Checkout) doesn’t take my credit card, I don’t think they take Japanese credit cards. When I put my visa card number in there I get:

Authorization Failed – Invalid Credit Card Number

That credit card works everywhere else for me. I was even able to sign up for celphone service with it in Canada.

Anyway, it’s a huge inconvenience, because I owe this guy in the Ukraine some money, and that’s the only way I can pay him….

A little later on…

2Co has this interesting “Live Chat” system… but too bad they’re not interested in customer service:





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1 thought on “2CO doesn’t take my credit card

  1. admin Post author

    Just got a very friendly and pro-active email from 2Co. Interesting the subject of the email was the same as this blog posting, so… wow people actually read this…. And wow 2Checkout really does care about its clients… Hopefully we can get this payement issue sorted out now…

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