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Facebook’s “give feedback on this photo” – wish there were more options

I wish It had scope for more General feedback, like no Mom that’s the wrong date for this photo. I tried IMing in my mom and describe for her how she can change the dates of a photo, but it was useless, so now my only choice is to hide it from my timeline or display it with the wrong date.

But according to them they only using for “We use your feedback to help us learn when something’s not right.” like Nudity Violence Harassment Suicide or Self-Injury False News Spam Unauthorized Sales Hate Speech Terrorism 🙁

[They] are sunsetting Consumer Google+ in August of 2019 Recently, [they] announced …

I cannot believe Google+ is getting shut down. I started using it over frustration that FB and Twitter were not getting indexed. I guess I’ll have to start using WP again.

According to Link:

We are sunsetting Consumer Google+ in August of 2019 Recently, we announced the decision to sunset the consumer version of Google+. Before anything els… – Google+ – Google+


Fake Friend Request

Fatou Ndao Bou Mbaye



Usually I’ll try and chat with someone who sends a friend request, but how naive does someone have to be to accept a friend request from a total stranger and not even engage them.

I decided to “Mark as Spam”.


Facebook status shows wrong Day

My facebook status shows that I went to the beech on Friday, when in fact it was Saturday. Albeit early, we went to the beach on Sat AM early (will post pics on Facebook soon), but Saturday Japan time. 5 minutes of Googling (and 2 minutes of browsing Facebook settings) hasn’t produced any Answers (Yahoo Answers came close), but obviously somethings wrong with that…