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Connect with people you know on LinkedIn? Try not to SPAM everyone and their cat!

Friday, March 31st, 2017

The other day I logged into Linkedin and found myself on a screen like this:

Connect with people you know on LinkedIn

So I clicked on Deselect All, then selected two people and clicked Add Connection (2), but nothing happened.

So I clicked on it again a few times frustrated that Chrome had obviously frozen up when suddenly it started to move again and I found that not only had I Added Two Connections, but I had also inadvertently clicked a button in exact same location on the next page without even getting a chance to read what it said.  Then I started getting all these new connections. But I also got apologetic emails from people who I know in a non-professional capacity saying “Thanks for your invitation, but I don’t use Linkedin” etc.

I also got a personal message from the CTO at work which was nice, but I cannot help feeling a little dread at all the baseball moms and soccer dads, extended family and wife’s friends who I spammed by mistake.

Apologies if you got a message like this:


Nik Edmiidz – Collaboration Architect at Medidata Solutions


Linkedin, please rethink your design a little! (both in the heaviness of Javascript but also the positions of buttons on the pages)!

Bug in Facebook’s “The Dot Game”

Friday, September 12th, 2008

“You lost against So-and-so in a 5×5 game and received a consolation prize of 25 gold. 4:12pm” is what I see when I try to continue my game at Facebook’s “The Dot Game”.  How on earth can I have lost if it’s the middle of the game…

The Dot Game - bug

The Dot Game - bug

Facebook status shows wrong Day

Monday, August 4th, 2008

My facebook status shows that I went to the beech on Friday, when in fact it was Saturday. Albeit early, we went to the beach on Sat AM early (will post pics on Facebook soon), but Saturday Japan time. 5 minutes of Googling (and 2 minutes of browsing Facebook settings) hasn’t produced any Answers (Yahoo Answers came close), but obviously somethings wrong with that…

Ajax search not working on new-facebook

Friday, August 1st, 2008

I was trying to write two friends a message on facebook, but the Ajax search was not working. Luckily when I switched back to old facebook it worked… phew!!! look at me blogging about facebook…

When I just tried publishing this I got:
Wordbook failed to communicate with Facebook for Ajax search not working on new-facebook: method = feed.publishTemplatizedAction, error_code = 100 (). Your blog is OK, but Facebook didn't get the update.
I wonder if the new facebook is to blame…