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Skype Calling fowarding – idea

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could:

1) Forward calls to Skype accounts too.

2) Have the Skype ring at same time as your?forwarded?phones?

Here’s a concept picture of the idea:

Skype Forwarding to Skype Idea

Skype Forwarding to Skype Idea

If the “niksskypeaccount” was the same account as currently logged in, then it would cause it to ring at the same time as the listed telephone numbers. Otherwise you could forward to “other Skype accounts” at the same time as well. ?Maybe your iPhone has another account, or you want to forward your calls to you VA (virtual?assistant) in India.

cPanel/WHM plug-in for Facebook

I think it would be cool to have a little Facebook application which would give you key stats from your cPanel or other web-server. It could give statistics on things like: disk space, bandwidth and access hits for every day over the last week; just a basic summary. It would also of course give you links to key areas in cPanel like email management etc.
Just looking up

There is a very basic one now, called Server Monitor, but it basically just shows if your server is up/down, and some basic stats on up-time.