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Windows Messenger – Phishing Attack?

This Indian programmer friend of mine who I haven’t spoken to in ages sent this URL:

http://<my MSN log in-ID>

I clicked on it and there’s this cute screen asking me to log in with MSN messenger info.  I thought it was a Flash Client for MSN Messenger.  I have seen them for AOL and ICQ.  But there was something odd about it.  And considering I was already logged in, I thought “why bother”.  The my friend logged off instantenious.  Most likely it wasn’t him sending me that URL, but he had inadvertently been suckered in by it, and logged in where after the site sent out URLs to all the people on his contact list…

I Googled this morning it only to fine one German web site on it.  Now I see a Hebrew page for it too.

Can’t tell yet, but I wouldn’t log into that if I where you…