Daily Archives: 2010-09-20

Set Overage Protection???

What the hell is Set Overage Protection????

Well I’m buying a new hosting package at Godaddy.com, and it was one of the options. ?So I clicked on the help icon to get more info, and it said:

Bandwidth Overage Protection shields you from costly bandwidth overage fees by automatically suspending your account when its allotted bandwidth is exceeded. Your suspended account is reinstated at the start of your next billing cycle or when additional bandwidth is purchased.
Basically there are no surprises this way…. I was thinking about if Rogers or any of the celphone carriers I’ve ever worked with had an option like this, particularly around data… But it would probably fry their business models… Like travelers check companies who make most of their profit from CCs which never get cashed, the celphone carriers probably rely on people signing up for the wrong plan and?unknowingly?going way over what they wanted to spend…