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withdraw from NAFTA in six months???

What is Canada to America?

Recently, I think Hilary Clinton said, that if the United States doesn’t get a better deal now, that the US will “withdraw from NAFTA in six months” .
from the American perspective, is like someone threatening to change their checking-account bank, or maybe life-insurance company. For Canadians, it’s like a spouse saying to a husband/wife, that if you don’t get your act together, I’ll leave you in six months.

If you viewed them as a spouse or even partner, I think you should say “how can we work together better”, rather than saying “if we don’t figure out a better way to work together, we’re gonna need some distance”. Even if the latter is implied legally, I don’t think it needs to be said by the politicians/leaders themselves…. I think how a politician treats their “friends” Canada, during an election, shows how they will treat there own constituency after they’re voted in… It’s like the politician who ignore kids because they can’t vote yet.

On an aside, I’m also angry at the Canadian who leaked that details of the conversation Obama had with Canadian officials