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Bug in Rampart For Gameboy

I have a lot of DS games, but one of my favorites is Rampart, which is one of two games on the title: GBA Rampart, Blue Army Defeated (GBA)

The first time I played Rampart was in this shopping mall in Richmond BC, when I was staying at my brother’s place in the summer of 93′, visiting from Japan.

It’s definitely an old school game. But the building walls and strategy… guess it appeals to the little kid in me who used to enjoy making similar battles in his head with Lego pieces… Also if you’ve ever liked Tetris, Rampart is a natural step, as the pieces for building walls are based on Tetris pieces. So fast forwarding again to my life now in Tokyo. After a long day at work, Brain-Age or Kanji-kentei, reading ebooks just can’t keep my tiredness and fatigue at bay…

I had great expectations for Metroid Prime Hunters on DS, but the requirement of using the pen to jump… makes it a pain, if you’re used to the Gameboy controllers…

But Rampart does the trick for me… I have missed my station because I was so into defending a castle or something. But then there are occasional hic-ups… Like my DS’s batteries going dead or say… a bug.

If you can see this screen shot, and know the rules of Rampart, you’ll see that I completed the wall around the upper left castle. And despite this, Rampart has a problem, particularly with these very close castles, where even if you surround it, it times and and thinks you’ve lost the game… I hope if they ever release the game for DS, that they fix this bug… and wouldn’t it be nice if they gave me a free upgrade for my troubles. 😉