Victoria University Of Wellington Academic Staff Collective Agreement

This procedure defines the criteria and procedure for providing travel insurance for staff, students and other authorised persons. View pdf By being part of the academic community, you become a member of an organization that is committed to strengthening New Zealand`s position in the global knowledge economy. Our commitment to the creation and dissemination of knowledge and the development of graduates who shape and guide the future of our country is supported by the excellence of our academic and general collaborators. Documents relating to academic regulations that govern access, enrolment, diploma, teaching and learning, postgraduate studies and changes to courses and curricula are in the Student and Study Policy section. These Statutes ensure that staff use discretion to manage conflicts of interest and act in a manner consistent with institutional responsibilities. Valid from: June 2011F View file This policy provides a framework for staff that introduces and authorizes sensitive expenses. View as PDF Most permanent employees are employed under collective agreements. The university strives to work closely with trade union representatives from the Union of Tertiary Education (EVP), the Public Sector Association (PSA) and other trade unions. It negotiates the terms and conditions of employment on an annual annual. This directive is a university-wide directive that applies to all permanent employees and those with a fixed-term contract of more than 12 months. View PDF This Directive sets out the conditions applicable to the use of personal vehicles in higher education institutions.

See pdf Tips on Human Resource Development Programs or the Academic Development Center (OAC). The Employment Assistance Programme (PEA) is made available to permanent staff who have personal problems that may affect their work. This confidential professional program is provided free of charge by the university. The Manager, Staff Wellness is at the disposal of all employees to solve health problems in the workplace. This Directive provides the framework for academic travel and provides guidance on the process of taking into account ordinary, necessary and reasonable travel expenses. View PDF Performance, Development and Resource Management Process (PDCP) focuses on developing collaborators, academic and general, and ensuring that all collaborators work together to achieve the overall goals of the university. It provides an appropriate framework for positive and useful interviews between staff and their managers, which lead to a common understanding of goals and personal and professional development. The purpose of these policies is to provide leaders and employees with information and instruction that enables justice and diversity throughout the university. Valid from: March 2014 View PDF In order for employees to feel welcome and carry out their tasks effectively, the university has an integrated initiation and orientation programme. It includes introduction to schools as well as orientation and induction programs for all employees. This directive confirms Victoria University of Wellington`s commitment to creating a safe and healthy environment for staff, students and visitors. Valid from: April 2016 View pdf As a contributor to Victoria University of Wellington, you can enjoy many staff benefits, including discounts from a number of suppliers…



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