Simla Agreement Mcqs

F. Simla Agreement was signed by the Prime Minister of India: (A) I.K Gujran (B) Shastri (C) Indira Gandhi (D) None of them The shimla Convention is an agreement that establishes between Pakistan and India Which of the following was not part of the Panchsheel Agreement between India and China?. Article 5. The Chinese and Tibetan Governments undertake not to enter into negotiations or agreements on Tibet between themselves or with any other Power, with the exception of negotiations and agreements between Great Britain and Tibet, as provided for in the Convention of 7 September 1904 between Great Britain and Tibet and the Convention of 27 April. 1906, between Great Britain and China. For Prelims et Mains: Has The Simla Agreement – origin, impact and results been successful? Through Article III of the agreement, the two countries had decided to settle their differences by peaceful means through “bilateral negotiations” or other peaceful means mutually agreed between them. This clause opposed third-party intervention and insisted on a bilateral problem-solving mechanism between India and Pakistan. However, some of the decisions taken under the shimla agreement have resulted in the loss of a golden opportunity to resolve the Kashmir issue in a sustainable manner. The lack of an adequate solution to the borders between India and Pakistan is one of the main reasons for the continuing unrest in Jammu and Kashmir. The persistent violations of the ceasefire, the Kargil war could have been avoided if the agreement had been conceived with more foresight and maturity. The Shimla Agreement was signed on the night of July 2, 1972 in Shimla, India, by Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, President of Pakistan, and Indira Gandhi, Prime Minister of India.

The agreement was much more than a peace treaty aimed at reversing the consequences of the 1971 war (i.e., conducting troop withdrawals and prisoner-of-war exchanges). For India, some of the positive results of this agreement are: Article 1. The Conventions referred to in the list to this Convention shall remain binding on the High Contracting Parties unless they have been modified or incompatible by any of the provisions of this Convention or contravene them. . . .



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