Has Oecta Reached An Agreement

After the Central Terms Settlement Protocol has also been ratified by OCSTA and approved by the Government of Ontario, the association will now begin the process of negotiation between local OECD entities and Catholic school authorities on the local terms of their respective collective agreements. “The COVID-19 emergency and the challenges teachers, students and families face when approaching this unique form of distance learning are paramount for everyone,” says Stuart. “However, our association continues to strive to enter into discussions with school authorities as soon as possible and to negotiate fair agreements.” Stuart said details of the deal would not be released until ratification by members. “At every step, Catholic teachers made it clear that we would do everything in our power to stand up for the students,” Says Stuart. “As a result, we have provided program funding and support for at-risk students, ensured that no student has to undergo mandatory e-learning training, and improved processes related to reporting violence in the classroom.” The agreement also allows oecTA to pursue a Charter challenge against the government`s unconstitutional cap on compensation increases. . . .



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