The Angels (Taz’s mini-league baseball)

For a little over a month, Taz has been playing baseball in the Vancouver Renfrew senior rookie league for a Team called the Angels.
On April 19th they had there first game, and Taz was the first up to bat. He hit the first pitch and just stood there, in time for the pitcher to fetch the ball and tag him out. Two weeks later when he got his next hit, he proceeded to run to first base with the bat.

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‘, ‘After inquiring to one of the coaches about batting ranges, she just recommended a I play catch ball with him and practice with him in a regular park. Slightly offended a the remark, I took a personal interest in seeing that Taz held is own in this team.

It turns out that it’s not a difficult team to hold your own in. It unfortunately has a large number of players who have never played before. For the last two weeks, whenever Taz can get to bed before 9:30, I reward him by waking up early and going and practicing baseball with him for 30 mins to an hour in the park by our house. I think it’s really paying off as today although the Angels had the butts kicked, Taz was the only player to get a hit for his team. He shown for a moment in a bleak game, but I was glowing that my little boy hit the ball. I have taken some photos, but I realize that baseball is video. Hearing the sound of the hit and the cheers. On an aside, since coming back to Canada, I’ve finally got my Mac ready to edit Video, so look forward to some new movies soon.



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