Service Agreements For Smb Consultants Pdf

“Wow! This book only cost me 50 dollars, and as far as I can see, it provides me with all the information I need to offer clear management contracts to companies that just want their computer system to work. Mr. Palachuk tells how his company structures its contracts, but also gives you all your options, because, as he says, everyone is different and must be comfortable with the services he offers. His writing style is excellent. He uses humor, but there aren`t so many jokes that you`re distracted. It is clear and organized. I give this book my highest recommendation to everyone in the I.T. service company if you want to offer contracts, time blocks or offer a service on a basis tailored to the needs. It doesn`t matter if you`re just starting out or if you`re a veteran. This book has many gold nuggets of knowledge for you! ” – Suzanne Naranjo, Santa Rosa, CA More information about” Here is the book you can have on your shelf. Karl will guide you through the implementation of his contracts, the construction of parts and the basic structure of the provision of management services via a contract vehicle. You can`t get this kind of consultation easily, and Karl will give you everything you need.

I recommend it a lot. ” – David P. Sobel, Evolve Technologies Everyone knows – spoken chords are not worth the paper on which they are written. The IT consultant is now facing changes that we never imagined a few years ago. Managed services are everywhere. The support of franchise technology is everywhere. And now big companies are trying to compete in small business space. Like it or not, you need to make some changes to meet the challenges of the next few years. Service contracts literally define your business. If you don`t use it, you need to start today. If you use it, it`s great! Just make sure they really represent who you are and how you want to define your business. Whether you`re selling your services every hour, in blocks of time or with a managed services plan, you`ll need a good service contract.

You need this book! As with his other books, Karl gives you more than just shapes. This book contains best practices and lots of great information that will help you manage your richer business! Contains downloads of all critical forms and agreements! If you want to offer service contracts to your IT customers or are unsure of the value of selling service contracts, buy and read this book. When you`re done, you can offer service agreements – it`s as simple as that. Thanks to Karl, I`m offering four service contracts. The $40.00 for the book is paid by the first one, so it is certainly well spent money. In that sense, I like the short and concise format, because it made it much easier and faster to read.



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