Section 106 Agreement Heads Of Terms

The forms for legal agreements relating to unilateral commitments and S106 agreements are available below: duration projects should clearly indicate the obligations to which the developer/landowner would like to be bound in order to meet the needs generated by the development and which are not met within the framework of the development plan itself. The draft terms of reference should also contain the agreed date/trigger for the implementation of commitments. Please use the S.106 Heads of Terms model below if the development includes the provision of affordable housing, public space, sustainable urban drainage (SUDS) or local or external financial contributions. S.106 Planning agreements or obligations are private agreements negotiated between us, Cumbria County Council and persons interested in the land or land. In order to address and agree at an early stage on issues that should be covered by planning obligations, the Council will require that draft terms of reference be submitted as part of the construction application where planning obligations are required. The fee is intended to cover our costs for the appointment of an independent expert to evaluate the submitted evaluation and all other necessary evaluations. In the case of a minor budgetary or commercial request, in the case of an appeal that is made under an expedited procedure, all the assurances provided through the request are transmitted to the Secretary of State and it is not possible to make further statements. If unusual costs can be clearly demonstrated, a reduction in affordable housing can be agreed on the basis of a single site. In assessing profitability, account should be taken of a land value that reflects the market value of the area at the time of demand, i.e. the cost of the land, which reflects the current planning policy and all development costs, and not the price actually paid. An error occurred while viewing your search results. Maybe a problem with the site. Here are some of the things you could try: The financial viability assessment should contain the following information:.

Applications requiring a cost-effectiveness review are subject to a separate fee in addition to the standard planning fee. If you need plans or documents relating to an old application, please send an e-mail to: to provide us with the application number and the necessary documents. We will provide you with the documents as soon as possible. Only costs that were not foreseeable at the time of purchase are considered abnormal for the purposes of affordable housing negotiations. HOT1 – Heads of Terms Template for Unilateral Undertaking for Planning Obligations Relating to Play &Open Space Contributions/Affordable Housing HOT2 – Heads of Terms Template for S106 Agreement for Planning Obligations for Major Development proposals or a deed of variation to a existing S106 Agreement A verification of the information on this site led to the withdrawal of certain documents from this application. Enter the schedule request number to view the request. The application number must be available in the following format: Syy/#### or you can also search for the address, postal code, name of the applicant or proposal. It is important to note that when a proposal requires a planning obligation, the building permit is only issued when the Council receives a planning obligation to its satisfaction. No documentation is available for this request..

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