Sample Surface Lease Agreement

Registered: Volume 1372, page 134, Taylor County Documents, Texas SURFACE LEASE AGREEMENT – CURB TANK BATTERY, TAYLOR COUNTY, TEXAS The current surface location of the “Curb” refueling battery facility, Subdivision 7, Grimes County School Lands #147, A-73, Taylor County, Texas, is further described in the following surface lease agreement: Date: July 1, 2006 Lease: Ransome Price Tenant: Greasewood Operating, Ltd. Surface Lease Agreement dated March 10, 2011 between Superior Silica Sands LLC and Kevin L. Byram and Joy Scott Tenant: Sun Oil Company (Delaware) Registration Data: Date: 3/4/75 Book: 395 Page: 293 Land Description: Surface Lease Agreement for the following country to make: One acre large wing of the J. Surface Lease Agreement between Tannehill Oil Company, as owner and Berry Petroleum Company as tenant, dated June 23, 1993. . .



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