Delta Pilot Working Agreement

Delta Air Lines has reached a preliminary agreement with its pilots` union to avoid queues with the Atlanta-based airline by 2022. The pilots agreement contains in principle a provision that, if an extension of the Confederation`s Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act is approved under the same conditions as the initial recovery plan, the agreement is suspended. John Laughter, Delta`s senior vice president, said in a memo sent to pilots Thursday night that the deal allows Delta to “generate savings it desperately needs in a way to avoid Furloughs.” In 2019, Delta continued to hire pilots, approximately 500, and has projected that in 2020 it will need to recruit an additional 1340 pilots due to growth, rotation, aircraft delivery, and improved operations and staff pressure. Retirements will peak in the coming years when pilots reach mandatory retirement age. Contract negotiations were the focus of attention in 2019 and remain in focus in 2020. The CEM devotes considerable resources, time and effort to ensuring a successful outcome. The pilots began negotiations on a new pilot work agreement on April 5, 2019, nine months before the contract`s amendable date of December 31. The pilots` objectives for the 2019 contract focus on remuneration, retirement and insurance, quality of life and scope. These priorities are the result of extensive feedback from the pilot group that advances the union`s bargaining objectives and strategic plan throughout the year. “We are negotiating a new pilot employment contract in the best environment in Delta`s history,” Schnitzler said. “Delta is making record profits, has a diversified business model in place that can weather negative business cycles, has the cash flow to invest in shareholders and joint ventures, and has dedicated employees who are ready to pull out the extra mile to maximize revenue and serve our customers.” The company`s 13,000 cockpit crew members, represented by the Air Line Pilots Association, International (ALPA), are now set to vote on the interim deal that would deter 1,941 of them from losing their jobs after U.S. government aid to airlines expired earlier this month.

Delta pilots have played a crucial role in Delta Air Lines` historic profitability in 2019 and look forward to the negotiation of a modified agreement recognizing the pilot group`s contribution to the company`s success. . . .



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