Date Of Signing In Infosys Service Agreement

Is it mandatory that I receive my @Mysore Campus notarized service contract or can I do it elsewhere? Coz I have my notary at home:( Sir, I had asked you whether or not we could take our own laptops/hard drives/USB sticks to the infosys mysore campus. You said “no”, so no means I can`t carry my laptop/hard drive etc. in my room where I live at the mysore Campus hostel? and do we have internet in our hostel rooms (Wi-Fi, LAN) or do we need to buy Dongles or put Net Pack in our own phone? Is it for the trainees who took place on January 19 at infosys, mandatory to prepare a service contract? If we have an ICICI bank account before taking the Infosys training, I am from Hyderabad, and I would like to know: that the signatures of the engineer and the warranty in front of them (infosys) should be made at Mysore or I can conclude it at home and submit it (infosys) Hii admin In the service agreement, I first wrote my sur-name, but in the rules they said to write the last name for the last time Is it acceptable or should do another step 6) You now have the authentication of the service contract for which you do not need to have a headache. You can easily have it certified notarized on your membership date. You charge for this a fee of Rs 60/-. We should have proof of identity for the witnesses who signed the agreement. Can I correct my membership date, which is postponed after my service contract has been prepared? Hello, I have certified the service contract in my hometown. Will there be a problem? Step 4) You have now finished printing the service contract. However, make sure you have left enough room for the signatures of COMPANY, ENGINEER and SURETY (and this is mandatory). So, if you divide the 1st page of the stamp documents in half, be sure to copy and insert the signatures. As soon as you join Infosys, you need to update your address in the system.

There you can update the correct address. Hey, if I have to type or print the agreement on stamp papers and A4 sheets. In my service contract, I wrote my name with my initial, all my original documents are made only of my name and the initial….



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