Allied Agreement Definition

Alliance, in international relations, a formal agreement between two or more states to support each other in the event of war. Contemporary alliances provide for a combined action of two or more independent states and are usually defensive in nature, forcing allies to unite when one or more of them are attacked by another state or coalition. Although alliances can be informal, they are usually formalized by a treaty of alliance whose most critical clauses are those that define the casus foederis or the circumstances in which the treaty commits an alliance to help another member. Can there be so many riots and agitations and not be allied with humanity? Although generally associated with the system of the states of Westphalia and the European balance of power, alliances have taken shape on other continents and at other times. In his classic work Artha-shastra (“The Science of Material Gain”),Kautilya, an advisor to India`s King Chandragupta (ruled around 321-c. 297 BC), argued that countries should seek support and assistance from distant states against the threat of neighboring states (according to the logic that the enemy must be the friend). The legacy of colonialism in Africa has delayed the development of collective defense systems there, but elsewhere in developing countries, alliances have played a decisive role in the developing regional balance. For example, during the Paraguayan War of 1865-70, the Tripartite Alliance of Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay devastated Paraguay and reduced its territorial assets and population by about 60 percent. Until the Cold War of the last half of the twentieth century, ideology was generally not an essential factor in the formation of such coalitions. For example, in 1536, Francis I, the Roman Catholic king of France, united with the Muslim Ottoman Sultan Süleyman I against the Holy Roman Emperor Charles V, another Catholic, because Charles` possession almost surrounded France. Similarly, during World War II (1939-45), Britain and the United States allied with the communist Soviet Union to defeat Nazi Germany. When two people are allies, they are friendly — or at least cooperative.

To be united is to have a cooperation agreement, so when politicians are allied on a bill, they are committed to joining forces and uniting for a common cause. In a war, allied countries fight on the same side. Allied comes from ally, which first meant “join in marriage”, from the Latin root alligare, “to attach to”. Duryodhan`s army consisted of its own division and the divisions of ten allied kings. I guess there are other people who are related to Greene. And even as he plans defenses against U.S. and allied airstrikes, he mocks Vladimir Putin and his allies in Grozny. And they were pushed to work by Lacedmonian`s officers who commanded the contingents of the Allied cities. Some species, however, such as the ordinary British forms chelifer cancroides and chiridium museorum, frequent human dwellings and are found in books, old chests, furniture, &c.; other species, such as Ganypus littoralis and related species, can be found under stones or corals between marshy markings; while others, mostly blind, live permanently in dark caves.



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