Agreement On Plan

(d) Target has provided the Acquiror with complete and correct copies of all amendments and modifications that Target has not submitted to the SEC, all agreements, documents and other instruments previously submitted by Target to the SEC and currently in effect. Failure by a single employer to comply with the current provisions of the National Electrical Annuity Plan Agreement and Trust also constitutes a breach of its employment contract. any holder of target shares or target options who holds 10% or more (in value) of Target`s units immediately prior to the merger within the meaning of Section 1060(e) of the Code and who, as part of the merger, enters into a no-pocher agreement or other agreement with Target or the surviving entity (or who is related to a person who likes such a contract or agreement); within the meaning of Article 267 (b) or Article 707 (b) (1) of the Code), the buyer presents to the buyer all the information required under Article 1060 (e) of the Code in point 5.5. .



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