Aanzfta Agreement Text

The IIA navigator will be constantly adapted following the review and comments of UN Member States. It is mainly based on information provided by governments on a voluntary basis. A contract is included in a country`s IIA census as soon as it is formally concluded; Contracts whose negotiations have been concluded but not signed are not accounted for. A contract is excluded from the IIA`s census as soon as its termination takes effect, as soon as it continues to have a legal effect on certain investments during its survival period (“sunset”). In case of renewal of a contract, only one of the contracts between the same parties is counted. Depending on the situation, the counted treaty may be the old one if it remains in force until the ratification of the newly concluded IIA. Although every effort is made to ensure the accuracy and completeness of the content, UNCTAD assumes no responsibility for any errors or omissions in such data. The information and texts contained in the database are for purely informative purposes and have no official or legal status. In case of doubt about the contents of the database, it is recommended that you contact the competent governmental authority of the State(s) concerned.

Users are invited to report agreements, errors or omissions via the online contact form. Download the full legal text of the AANZFTA agreement or read the text chapter by chapter below. 4.47 DFAT informed the Committee that clarity and user-friendliness were among the stated objectives of DFAT in the AANZFTA negotiations. [46] Australian exporters would only have to examine a handful of tariff headings with a uniform standard nomenclature and related rules of origin to decide whether they should use the AANZNA or the bilateral free trade agreement if it were available. [47] 4.56 Given the obvious inequalities resulting from TAFTA, the Committee stresses the importance of Australia being able to achieve positive results in such negotiations. It also stresses the importance of knowing exactly what the benefits or costs of such agreements are once they have been concluded. 4.49 The Committee takes note of the recommendation of the Australian Wine and Brandy Corporation that multilateral agreements be considered the instrument of choice when small volumes of trade are distributed among ASEAN countries. .



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